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🌊  Zibra Liquids is a cross-platform GPU-based plugin for real-time fluid physics simulation and rendering.

This tool is created for game developers, game designers, and VFX artists to make effects creation easier, upgrade graphics, add realistic physics, and improve scene performance.

Zibra Liquids results from the synergy of a physical solver that allows for a physically accurate fluid simulation and artificial intelligence-based technology for neural object representations to set up the interaction of 3D objects of arbitrary shape with different types of fluids automatically. It consists of various visual and physical parameters, making working with fluid as simple as never before.

A free version, created for demonstrational purposes, supports a limited number of features and allows you to test our solution and make sure that it fits your projects.

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You can play with:

  • Real-time simulation
  • Different manipulators
  • Visual and physical parameters
  • Interaction with simple 3D objects
  • Liquid force field (one instance - Radial)

We recommend buying the full version – only then will you be able to utilize the full power of our plugin.

Build platforms:

πŸ“Œ PC(DX11/DX12/OpenGL/Vulkan, x86 and x64),
πŸ“Œ UWP(DX11/DX12, x86 and x64),
πŸ“Œ macOS(Metal, x64 and arm64),
iOS (iOS version 12 or later, iPhone 6s or newer) is available only in the Full version.
πŸ“ŒAndroid (OpenGL ES 3.1/Vulkan, armv7 and arm64, Android 7.0 or later, except Oculus Quest devices) is available only in the Full version.

How can you benefit from Zibra Liquids?

βœ… Best-in-class performance
βœ… Impressive realistic visuals. Easy to customize
βœ… Build brand new game mechanics
βœ… Wide platforms support
βœ… Tens of millions of particles to create cinematic effects on high-end hardware
βœ… Accessibility and ease to use
βœ… Liquid interaction with complex 3D objects in real-time, out of the box
βœ… Community and Support

 πŸš§ More to come, check out our roadmap and see what to expect in the upcoming releases.

 πŸ†˜ Support and Community

You can get support, and chat about simulations and rendering directly with our team on our DISCORD server. There we answer questions and help you correctly configure the settings so that you get the most enjoyable experience using our product.

βœ‰οΈ Do you prefer emails? Not a problem - you can contact us via: support@zibra.ai

πŸ“„ Perhaps your questions are already covered in the documentation. Check here: DOCUMENTATION

 Check out more demos on YouTube!

ℹ️ Tutorials and guides are available on our blog.

We are a strong team with a background in machine learning, physics, and AAA games. More on our website.

Follow us: Discord | YouTube | LinkedIn | Twitter | Medium

Install instructions

Click here to check out the Documentation and quick start guide


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